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Bluequeen Full Kids Potion Crystal Bracelets

Full Kids Potion is an ultimate combination of elements and crystals aimed towards health and wellness and overall protection of children.
  • Enhances Focus and concentration
  • Controls anger and encourage expression
  • Protection from evil eye / Nazar/ Drishti
  • Helps to boost strength and immunity
  • Protects from harmful electromagnetic waves
  • Support overall emotional and physical well being

Bluequeen Kids Health and Evil Eye Protection Crystal Bracelet

A combination of energies for protection, overall health and immunity and removal of negative energy for kids. The evil eye is believed to be a very strong talisman that removes any kind of evil energies protects the children from any kind of negative energy and harm.

Bluequeen Study Potion Unisex Crystal Bracelet

A combination of crystals that induce creativity, focus concentration, memory retention and positive thinking.
Prehnite helps to heal any kind of negative thoughts and emotional hurt that might be a distraction