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Bluequeen 7 Chakra Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Helps in aligning the chakra energy
Helps to balance body and mind
Improved overall health and wellbeing
Increases awareness, memory and coordination

Bluequeen Black Tourmaline Crystal Elastic 8mm Stretch Crystal Yoga,Meditation Buddha Bracelet

  • Product Dimensions:-Product Diameter:-6 Cm,Product Weight:-20-25 Gm Approximately.Stretch Bracelet with 23 Beads.
  • Material: Black Tourmaline,Metal Type-Elastic,Color-Black.
  • Benefits:Psychic protection from negative entities,Getting rid of negative thoughts,Cleansing your aura,Protects from negative energies amd transmutes negative energies of all kinds (including thoughts) into positive energies.

Bluequeen Clear Quartz Crystal Tree

Bluequeen Clear Quartz Crystal Tree

Bluequeen Clear Quartz Unisex Pendent with Chain

Bluequeen Clear Quartz Unisex Pendent with Chain

Bluequeen PCOD/PCOS Crystal Bracelet

A combination of crystal energy, that helps to regulate periods and ovulation cycles. It helps to bring a deep physical and emotional healing.

Bluequeen Study Potion Unisex Crystal Bracelet

A combination of crystals that induce creativity, focus concentration, memory retention and positive thinking.
Prehnite helps to heal any kind of negative thoughts and emotional hurt that might be a distraction

Bluequeen Weight Loss Unisex Crystal Bracelet

  • Expedites Metabolism
  • Balances hunger cravings
  • Makes the body feel energetic
  • Balances hormonal Health