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Bluequeen 7 Chakra Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Helps in aligning the chakra energy
Helps to balance body and mind
Improved overall health and wellbeing
Increases awareness, memory and coordination

Bluequeen Abundance + Health + Wellness Crystal Bracelet

  • Brings Abundance and Prosperity
  • Attracts Opportunities of Work
  • Attracts Money and provides grounding
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances the filtration system of the body
  • Helps in healing and recovery from diseases
  • Enhances bodies filtration system

Bluequeen Abundance + Study Potion Crystal Bracelet

Bluequeen Abundance + Study Potion Crystal Bracelet Citrine is a stone of abundance and boosts vitality. It is a stone

Bluequeen Aquarius Unisex Zodiac Crystal Bracelet

Combination of crystals that represent and complement the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. Combination of Aquamarine and Clear Quartz which represent the fluid water element. Aquamarine is a very subtle yet vibrant energy that boosts communication and enhances ones expression leading to a release of energy in a positive way.

Bluequeen Arthritis+Bone Health Crystal Bracelet

  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Heals joint and bone injuries
  • Enhances the muscle recovery process in the body.
  • Helps heal arthritis, rheumatoid, sports injuries etc.
  • Excellent aid for somebody recovering from paralysis

Bluequeen Asthama Potion Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Asthama Potion Malachite is known to reduce emotional triggers that may trigger Asthama.

Bluequeen Cancer Zodiac Unisex Crystal Bracelet

A combination of crystals that help to enhance the traits of a cancerian    Red Jasper provides grounding. It provides the weather much required sense of reality and it also helps in balancing emotions. It helps one feel secured and guarded.

Bluequeen Capricorn Zodiac Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Accommodation of crystals resonating the bird stones of Capricorn; Carnelian and smokey quartz. Carnelian is a strong grounding and protecting stone that strengthen the Solar Plexus Chakra. It invokes Courage, Confidence Grounding and a Stronger Sense of Self Image in a balanced way.  

Bluequeen Cholesterol Elixir Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Colesterol Elixer  Rhodochrosite is known to regulate and stabilize the heart beat, balance blood pressure and stimulate circulation.

Bluequeen Diabetis Crystal Bracelet

A combination of crystals to enhance the functions of pancreas, regulate metabolism and help maintain sugar level fluctuations.

Bluequeen Female Fertility Crystal Bracelet

  • Helps to regulate period cycles
  • Helps to balance hormonal health of the body
  • Aids in regulating ovulation cycles
  • Helps to battle PCOD/PCOS
  • Regulates Emotional and Hormonal health

Bluequeen Gemini Zodiac Crystal Bracelet

Combination of crystals that help to balance and enhance the zodiac traits of a Gemini. African Turquoise helps to get a deeper sense of meaning to life. A provides confidence while taking decisions, at the same time provides emotional rationality. Encourages structure and harmony in one's life.