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Bluequeen Citrine Tumble Stone

Citrine attracts abundance. Citrine has been used since centuries as a charm of good luck which helps to attract positive energies. The warm vibrations of this crystal also help to build a  strong immune system and helps a lot to improve ones health. It helps the body to recover from any kind of Illness and diseases faster.

Bluequeen Pyrite Stone

Pyrite attracts money and prosperity. It also helps to save and secure the earnings. Pirate is a firing energy which removes any kind of negativity and obstacles. Hence it is recommended that whenever you going out for any important work , carry a piece of pyrite with you to ensure the success of your purpose.

Bluequeen Rose Quartz Tumble Stone

Rose Quartz is called the stone of pure love and is used to balance emotional health and release emotional blockages. Rose quartz helps to open the heart chakra and release any emotional hurt from the past. It also allows one to experience self love and deep emotional healing.