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Bluequeen 4 in One Crystal Bracelet

With the benefits of the Seven Chakra, Weight Loss, Money Magnet and the Love Potion.

Bluequeen 7 Chakra Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Helps in aligning the chakra energy
Helps to balance body and mind
Improved overall health and wellbeing
Increases awareness, memory and coordination

Bluequeen Love Potion Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Love potion Promotes Self love Heals past experiences Attracts harmony Builds Compassion Helps to attract energy of love

Bluequeen Money Magnet Unisex Crystal Bracelet

  • Brings in Abundance
  • Invites Opportunities of work and growth
  • Gives financial grounding
  • Helps resolve blockages and deadlocks

Bluequeen Weight Loss Unisex Crystal Bracelet

  • Expedites Metabolism
  • Balances hunger cravings
  • Makes the body feel energetic
  • Balances hormonal Health