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Bluequeen 4 in One Crystal Bracelet

With the benefits of the Seven Chakra, Weight Loss, Money Magnet and the Love Potion.

Bluequeen Abundance + Health + Wellness Crystal Bracelet

  • Brings Abundance and Prosperity
  • Attracts Opportunities of Work
  • Attracts Money and provides grounding
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances the filtration system of the body
  • Helps in healing and recovery from diseases
  • Enhances bodies filtration system

Bluequeen Abundance + Study Potion Crystal Bracelet

Bluequeen Abundance + Study Potion Crystal Bracelet Citrine is a stone of abundance and boosts vitality. It is a stone

Bluequeen Amethyst Unisex Crystal Bracelet

  • Master Healer in crystal World. .
  • Helps Overcome / Control Addictions
  • Helps battle Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
  • Boosts Immunity and Physical Energy.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin
  • Promotes digestive health.
  • Helps to battle headaches and Migraines.
  • Aids in regulating hormones.
  • Increases self and Spiritual awareness

Bluequeen Carneilan Unisex Crystal Bracelet

Creates Emotional Warmth. Boosts Creativity and Self-esteem. Promotes Individuality. Enhances Memory. Increases Physical Vitality and energy levels.

Bluequeen Citrine Unisex Crystal Bracelet

  • Increases Positivity and Optimism.
  • Strengthen Immunity and vitality
  • Boosts Healing and recovery
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Attracts abundance
  • Builds physical stamina
  • Removes Lethargy and Laziness

Bluequeen Diabetis Crystal Bracelet

A combination of crystals to enhance the functions of pancreas, regulate metabolism and help maintain sugar level fluctuations.

Bluequeen Female Fertility Crystal Bracelet

  • Helps to regulate period cycles
  • Helps to balance hormonal health of the body
  • Aids in regulating ovulation cycles
  • Helps to battle PCOD/PCOS
  • Regulates Emotional and Hormonal health

Bluequeen Full Kids Potion Crystal Bracelets

Full Kids Potion is an ultimate combination of elements and crystals aimed towards health and wellness and overall protection of children.
  • Enhances Focus and concentration
  • Controls anger and encourage expression
  • Protection from evil eye / Nazar/ Drishti
  • Helps to boost strength and immunity
  • Protects from harmful electromagnetic waves
  • Support overall emotional and physical well being

Bluequeen Heart Potion Crystal Bracelet

Heart Elixirm  Green Aventurine aids in managing blood pressure.

Bluequeen Kidney Potion Crystal Bracelet

Kidney Potion  Prehnite helps to detox the body and aids flushing the toxins out.

Bluequeen Leo unisex Zodiac Crystal Bracelet

This combination is made of crystals that helps to enhance the traits of a Leo. Tiger stone and Citrine.  Tiger stone promotes patience. It provides Courage, Confidence, Grounding and Protection